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Welcome to rationalhardcore.com, the new home of rationalhardcore times.  This site is primarily about libertarian punk/hardcore and other libertarian music.  Basically, it has often been difficult to find good music that isn’t saturated in unwanted leftism.  With a libertarian and punk rock focus, we try to make it easier to find such music.  We don’t like politics.  The music you will find here is primarily apolitical or antipolitical, as in not trying to use government force and power to tell you what to do and invade your rights at the point of a gun…  As in small and voluntary government like the American founders believed in.  This site and the music displayed here are for people who don’t want their entertainment experiences corrupted by statist propaganda and evil.  The history which led to this is below:

The original 70s and 80s punk movement involved an attempt to liberate people culturally with back-to-basics do-it-yourself rock & roll, and often made vague allusions to “anarchy” and political liberation, though it was primarily apolitical.  Bands like The Clash tried to make it a platform for socialist preaching, but interestingly, they were also among those that may have been considered “corporate sell-outs”.  Primarily regional hardcore punk happened in the late 70s and through the 80s, influencing independent rock and alternative music while New Wave (inspired by a mix of punk, disco, and glam) and 80s metal ruled MTV and Radio.  Grunge and 90s alternative rock emerged in response to 80s music, and the “punk revival” happened in the mid-90s.  Punk became incrementally more mainstream as the 90s continued, and orthodox leftism became associated as part of the mainstreaming process.

By the early 2000s, pop-punk and the related genre “emo” (emotionally-oriented punk and post-punk music) were staples of mainstream popular culture.  In 2004, the Republican US President George Bush was up for re-election, and many of these popular mainstream punk bands coordinated to support his Democratic opposition and spread socialist propaganda through a website they called punkvoter.com.  In reaction to this, several people in the punk rock scene who believed punkvoter spread ideas they were against in the name of punk rock decided to put together a website called conservativepunk.com that was more open to various right-oriented messages.  The site was primarily populated by Republicans, but there were a few libertarians in there as well as some well-known names in the punk rock community.  The site was mostly made up of Neocons (“neoconservatives”) that had also taken over the Republican party by that point, and which hardly represented a significant alternative to the left.

There was a need to differentiate a tangent of the conservative punk movement as libertarian.  A basic explanation of libertarianism is application of the Non-Aggression principle: “It shall be legal for one to do whatever he chooses so long as he does not aggress (initiate or threaten violence or force) against another person’s life, liberty, or property”.  As most leftism is spread through emotional appeals and “emo” was a large (but often disparaged) part of the mainstream punk scene espousing leftism, the term “rationalhardcore” seemed like a good name for this libertarian punk movement tangent.  It would be characterized by rationally or logically applying the Non-Aggression principle in its messages, and hardcore punk is often particularly explicit, so it was a good fit.  The most pure and “hardcore” version of libertarianism was “anarcho-capitalism”, which is both pure “anarchy” (properly understood as the absence of rulers) and pure capitalism (not the same as “corporatism”).  Both punk rockers and the general public (not to mention academics, politicans, and the media) have misunderstood the concept of “anarchy” and often misrepresent it (intentionally, in some cases).

For examples of the kind of message we are talking about in a non-music context, one should consult lewrockwell.com, read the works of Murray Rothbard (founder of the modern libertarian movement and the primary theorist of anarchocapitalism), and become familiar with Ron Paul.  Note that all of this happened before the “Ron Paul Revolution” that gained momentum leading up to the 2008 and 2012 elections and brought many more people into the liberty cause.  At rationalhardcore.com, we display the works of and maintain information related to libertarian bands, in addition to the occasional news or opinion piece.  We also ask that you support these artists by buying their albums and helping to spread their music.

We’re really about exorcising politics from music and culture, and therefore much of our output is actually apolitical.  Most of the rest is antipolitical, and we find it strange that some people are turned off by the idea of libertarian music and media.  We encourage people to learn about anarcho-capitalism, paleolibertarianism, & voluntaryism before trying to judge us or what we do.  We think most people simply aren’t aware of what these concepts are or how they apply to the issues in their lives.  many will be surprised these are the prerequisites for the justice and freedom they really want.  We hope you appreciate our efforts.

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