The Yellow Day Brigade: libertarian punk & thrash!

The YDB defined the rationalhardcore genre/movement, and the double-album ‘Taxation is Theft’ contains libertarian and paleoconservative industrialized hardcore punk with flashy guitar often bordering on crossover-thrash.

Bio: The Yellow Day Brigade (The YDB) seeks to set the “punks” straight with its brand of rationalhardcore, a genre and movement it essentially founded. A revival of that old-school combination of jackhammer beats and thrashy riffs recalling Bad Brains and Minor Threat presents a shock to the wussy emo-pop-punk and extra-heavy metalcore fans alike. As if a jolt of early eighties hardcore is not enough, The YDB’s version also fuses mechanical beats and acid-bath guitar processing for an industrial edge heavily influenced by Big Black.

The abrasive sound waves aside, consider the amazement of some punk/hardcore enthusiasts when they discover The Yellow Day Brigade is staunchly against Leftist politics. In creating the rationalhardcore movement, The YDB seeks to create hardcore/punk music and culture steeped in anarcho-capitalist/paleo-libertarian discipline – And it will be done with or without the “mainstream hardcore/punk” empire. After all, isn’t secession central to real hardcore/punk?

Some of The YDB’s major musical influences include Bad Brains, Big Black, fast/thrashy music like oldschool hardcore and various types of punk and metal.


Praise: “(The) Yellow Day Brigade is a punk band that takes a decidedly unfashionable pro-freedom political stance, or as they call it, “Music consistent with the Non-Aggression Axiom.” … Hyphenated ideological labels aside, their songs are mainly short adrenaline bursts of antistatist rage, something I always find welcome.” – Ivan Osorio of OpenMarket.org, the official staff blog of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)

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