“Redistribution of Theft” by Right Arm of Wyoming

CHORUS: REDISTRIBUTION OF THEFT WATCH YOUR COUNTRY DIE! REDISTRIBUTION IS THEFT WHILE YOU JUST STAND BY! Stop stealing from me! They start you with the pennies for the U.N. starving children when you’re only just a kid yourself. Beggin’ from your neighbors for those folks you’ll never meet with a healthy dose of mashed potatoes and guilt with your meat. Then you cannot eat in class unless you bring a lot – socialist indoctrination for the happy tots. Then they’ve got the soccer where everybody wins! No more competition for American kids. Branding normal talk as hate speech, stealing more of our rights out from our reach. California: failed social experiment – they give your money to the bums who’ll never ever earn a cent. Yet the federal powers that be ignore the 8th grade math and wanna take that global. Make it all equal but for some more so than others, giving our money to career welfare mothers. I propose two-term limits, first one in office, the second in jail! Forced-student volunteers build us labor camps when they think that they’re building schools. Pissed at your neighbor? Don’t bother to fret! e-mail the White House about that right-wing threat. They’ll brand the true Americans with chips in our arm. I’ll bet the Nazis wished they’d had that little secret charm. (As they march us off to the camps.)

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