“My Gun Keeps You Honest” by Right Arm of Wyoming

I’m a peace lovin’ man, don’t wanna hurt no one. Just wanna be left alone, a little place in the sun. I’m a peace lovin’ man Don’t wanna hurt no one And of course, I own a gun. Truth be told, I own more than one. And I practice most every day. Because peace and freedom are not free. (Don’t tread on me) CHORUS: MY GUN’S FOR KEEPING YOU HONEST. THAT IS MY RIGHT AS A FREE MAN. I would never shoot a child. I’d never open fire on a crowd. I will never shoot anyone unless they threaten me or try to take my gun. There’s millions of us, no amount of laws will make us go away. You made up those false laws anyway. Why don’t you just fucking go away? I’m like a cat with teeth – I’m mellow and sweet until you fuck with me. There’s millions of us we’ll never go away. There’s millions of us, more every day.

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