“Gun Control Gets Women Raped” by Right Arm of Wyoming

Is it fair to put a little lady with a whistle up against an evil monster of a man? Fumbling for her cell phone in some darkened alleyway while she fulfils his sick and twisted plan. Gun grabbers would have you think it makes more sense for her to trust and dial 911, when in fact her chances of survival are far greater if that woman – she has got a gun. Gun grabbers will tell her to relax and just give in, maybe it’ll all be over soon. Not so likely sister, and statistics back me up, he’ll likely up and kill you when he’s done. CHORUS: GUN CONTROL WANTS YOU SEDATE! GUN CONTROL IS FEAR AND HATE! GUN CONTROL MAKES YOU UNSAFE! GUN CONTROL GETS WOMEN RAPED! It only takes a second for to beat somebody senseless, The cops won’t likely get to her in time. I would rather see that woman have a fighting chance to save herself from that twisted crime. If you love your sister, love your mother or your wife, teach her to defend herself against the rapist’s knife. If you love your girlfriend, love your granny or daughter, get her a gun to keep herself out of the murky water. Gun graboids would rather see you raped and see you beaten than have the power and the skill to keep yourself uneaten by the 6% who’d rape and kill you just to see you die. Gun graboids take money and will kill you with their lies. WOMAN: Daddy? May I please have a new gun for my birthday? MAN: Of course sweetie pop, because I love you very much! WOMAN: Thank you so much my wonderful husband! MAN: Heck honey, let’s go get it today! WOMAN: Love you! MAN: I love you too, baby!

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