“Get Off My Property” by Right Arm of Wyoming

The first rule of being alive is: YOU OWN YOURSELF. Your house is your property and so is your mind. Your money is your property, and your organs when you die! Your free speech, your gun, your gold, your health care, your guitar, your bedroom, your yard, your cat, your water rights, your car/What you eat and what you smoke, who you marry, who you poke. What I say and what I do If it don’t affect you screw you! It’s all my property, Stay off! CHORUS: GET OFF! GET OFF! GET OFF MY PROPERTY! Mind your business keep your nanny state laws off of my ass. My bank account, my data when I order things online, records of my doctor visits and lists of my friends I don’t need no stinking chip in myself or my pet! Statist humps want us guilty ’til we’re proven innocent. Add more laws ’til honest folks all become criminals! Anarchists were Socialist in the punk rock in the good ole days. Makes no sense at all, you gotta pull your own weight! So-called anarchists voted in the bigger problem that we’ve got now. I’d take Ronald Reagan over these commie criminals we got now. At least the man had balls out there in the world stage and he could do some simple math so he understood free trade. (GUITAR SOLO) (GUN SOLO). Taxation is theft when used the way it’s used today for more than just the honest things in The Constitution – We just want a non-careerist Congress and a strong defensive military. Taxation is theft today with a gun to your head!

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