Punks & Anarchy

A foggy understanding or total misunderstanding of anarchy is common both in punk subculture(s) and in the mainstream throughout history.


A couple of common mistakes are 1) to equate anarchy with disorder, and 2) to mistakenly categorize revolutionary socialists as anarchists and to therefore see “anarchists” as anti-capitalists.


Anarcho-capitalism is true anarchism (true anarchy and true capitalism could probably be equated, or at least they imply each other) … socialist “anarchism” must be voluntary – that is, it relies upon such a condition for its socialism to qualify as anarchist.


To be against capitalism is to be against anarchism.


Various understandings and misunderstandings of anarchy have been popular earlier on with punks, and they were touching on something real that has to do with the individualism and anti-establishment ideas that many reach for and try to express. The punks and their ideas of what anarchy is about have remained mostly confused, and especially more recently they have been moving more toward a statist and socialist/communist “ideal” (though elements have been in the mix since near the beginning)… Conservative Punk has the potential to clarify and grasp the true anarchist (true capitalist) ideals that are at the laissez-faire, fight-for-freedom-and-what-is-right, individualist core of real “punk”.


People of both individualist and collectivist tendencies could benefit from an improved understanding of anarchy if upon acquiring this knowledge they make some effort to live up to the non-aggression principle at the heart of this model of justice.


It is all pretty heavy, and this is among the reasons Conservative Punk is very important. What’s exciting and inspiring is there are actually lots of people on the conservativepunk.com forums that get it.


The punks are right to aim for anarchy (or at least its general libertarian and spontaneous, creative spirit). In the past they have failed to grasp it, but at Conservative Punk we are much closer. We should cultivate wider clear understanding among punks and non-punks alike.

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