Bono Wants Your Money, & Your Voice Won’t Help You!

Bono wants your money.  Your VOICE won’t help you when they come for your earnings.

He’s everywhere, and each time more annoying than the last. Bono and other celebrities have been featured on television commercials where the message is, “We don’t want your money. We want your voice”. They’re lying through their teeth! The voice they want is one that says they can take the money of hard-working Americans and ship it off to far-away causes. That money is theoretically supposed to be used for the benefit of the taxpayers who had it taken from them. Bono and company are trying to cover up their injustice by making it feel like charity. Taxation is theft, and redirection of stolen money is not charity.

Just say NO to Bono!

People will often say, “Well, at least he’s doing something, and I admire him for that”, or, “I think it shows that he has a good heart, and that is what really matters, so I support him”.  Unbelievable.


http://www.one.org/about/     That’s the link – check it out for yourself

Here’s an article in support of Bono / One.  See what I mean?

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